Knowing the architects in Delhi

Published: 15th February 2011
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Architect comes from a Latin word architectus meaning chief builder. An Architect is a trained person specialized in setting up, designing and supervising the erection of new construction. Architect is a qualified person to perform architecture. He/ She are trained to perform designs and various activities while constructing a building. They plan well while constructing or modeling about different features like the space around the building, about the neighboring areas and the safety measures for the building.

Architect and architecture are applied in the field of landscape architecture, architecture of the navy and in the information technology department. Delhi is one of the main cities in India and developing its landscape is one of the important features.

Architecture in India has been from the Buddhist, Mughal and raj put period. Delhi is also a city of monumental buildings like Taj mahal, red fort etc famous for its architecture. There are many architects in Delhi like Jain reena, anjula saxena, rajini etc.

Architects in Delhi design the building according to the area as Delhi lies in an earthquake prone zone. They install safety security system to prevent the people who are going to live in the house from natural and man-made dangers.

Delhi is famous for its well-known architect firms which offer services to houses, companies. Architect in Delhi are experienced and certified and a lot have come up in recent times. Architects in Delhi work for corporate and commercial areas and houses. In modern world a lot of extravagance has come in so architect in Delhi work accordingly.

Architect in Delhi designs the house according to the vibrant lifestyle, spaces and desire of the person. Architect in Delhi decides the type of the material for the construction, the space for the garden and also some valid information are given by them. They are not only responsible for the outer portion but also the interiors.

Many architects in Delhi have their own website for easy access and communication. They give their entire details in the site and can be contacted from any region.


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